Main activity in Kavoosh Pooyaye Jonoob


Main activities:

Engineering Services including:
Design, calculation, drawing, consulting, monitoring, execution, contract management, project control. 

Executive services:

Installation, commissioning, construction of parts and structures, major repairs, reconstruction, renovation, maintenance, operation of various facilities, power plants & industries, especially in field of energy Overhaul, modernization & reconstruction of rotating equipment, steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, fans, pumps, generators, high & low voltage electric motors, transformers (power, transmission, distribution), reactors, coils, magnet electrical tests, Manufacturing of coils & busbars, welding operations, non-destructive testing and etc.,

General and administrative services:

Providing specialized & general human resources and contracting required for organizations, departments, industries, municipalities & etc.,
Supplying of spare parts, equipments, tools, machines, goods, raw materials, materials.
Export and Import of Authorized Goods commercial services.