Statement of Values

The managers and employees of KPJ LLC have a set of values such as: honesty, integrity, respect for people and customers, accuracy and speed of actions. In addition, we believe in the fundamental importance of trust, flexibility, teamwork and professionalism, welcoming change and new solutions. 

The principles and value system of KPJ LLC are: 

1. Economic principle of KPJ LLC

Our company is established to achieve long-term profit.

 2. The principle of political activities of KPJ LLC 

In order to achieve its legitimate business goals, this company is committed to complying with the laws of its country, along with social responsibility. 

3. The principle of competition of KPJ LLC

The company believes in free economic investment and activity and seeks fair, ethical competition within the framework of economic competition laws.

 4. The principle of health, safety, security and environment of KPJ LLC 

The company is committed to complying with health, safety and environmental guidelines for continuous improvement. 

5. The principle of communication and participation of KPJ LLC 

The company believes in and is committed to creating, strengthening and developing relationships and partnerships with stakeholders, partners and even competitors in a transparent and legal manner. 

6. The principle of compatibility of KPJ LLC

We comply with all laws, regulations and rules and values of the areas in which we operate.